Digital Festival 2018

Rod Parker, Manager at Analysys Mason, will be moderating the session 'Opportunities and Challenges in 5G' at the Digital Festival 2018, Cardiff, Wales, 21–22 May 2018

About the event

Key Areas

A world of opportunity

Teaching and training tomorrow's tech. Accessing finance, pitching for investment. Celebrating the present. Changing the future.

A smart, connected world

Exploring the power of 5G for smart cities, transport, IoT devices, digitally inclusive societies, and digital healthcare. How we build them, and how they change the world.

An innovative, changing world

Arguing artificial intelligence. Playing with virtual reality. Busting bitcoin, blockchain, and cyber security.

A world of data

Considering the data economy. Developing marketing strategies. Examining digital identity and everybody's favourite acronym - GDPR - and its impact on you

For more information about the event go to the Digital Festival 2018 website.


Rod Parker, Analysys Mason
Co-Head of Technology Consulting +44 161 877 7808