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A reborn Mavenir seizes on xRAN to deliver industry-changing value and increase 5G competition

Roberto Kompany Senior Analyst, Research

"Incumbent RAN vendors should join the xRAN foundation to create an open fronthaul solution for a multivendor cloud-RAN architecture and to avoid industry fragmentation."

Mavenir held its industry analyst day in Dallas in November 2017. The aim of this gathering was to give an overview of the organisation's plans since it consolidated the original Mavenir assets and the XURA, RANZURE and Brocade vEPC acquisitions under the Mavenir brand, as announced at MWC 2017.

Post consolidation, Mavenir has positioned itself as the industry's only 100% end-to-end software network provider with a growth strategy to disrupt the market, particularly the RAN with its non-proprietary fronthaul interface, as the mobile network operators (MNOs) embark on the 5G journey. Mavenir must, however, engage the MNOs with trials to demonstrate the advantages of its non-proprietary solution compared with the proprietary solutions that incumbent RAN vendors offer.

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