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Bosch: IoT Suite platform and IoT cloud services

Ahmed Ali Senior Analyst, Research

"Bosch offers a comprehensive and modular device management solution with multiple microservices offered at different pricing tiers."

Bosch offers a range of device management features to enterprises through its IoT Suite platform. Unusually, as well as supporting third-party clouds, Bosch also offers its own IoT cloud.

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Bosch is a privately held multinational corporation with more than 400 subsidiaries developing and providing industrial and engineering technologies and services to different sectors including automotive, manufacturing, energy and home appliances.

Bosch made an early move into the IoT market through a combination of internal development and technology acquisition in the device connectivity and management space. In 2008, to support its entry into the platform market, Bosch acquired Innovations Software Technology which had expertise in developing embedded applications. Innovations was later established as Bosch Software Innovations (Bosch SI) in 2011.

Bosch launched its IoT Suite in 2013 and also established a new subsidiary, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH, to focus on providing IoT sensor and connectivity solutions and services to different verticals including logistics, transportation, manufacturing and smart homes.

The company continued to strengthen its software offering through acquisitions such as inubit, a process management provider, in 2011, and ProSyst, a gateway software provider, in 2015.

In 2016, Bosch further extended its platform features by releasing its IoT Cloud Service offering which runs on its own infrastructure.

Figure 1: Bosch company facts