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Consumer smartphone usage: key findings from an on-device tracker

Martin Scott Principal Analyst, Research

Smartphones offer consumers a single device to meet all of their communication needs – real-world tracking provides unparalleled insight.

Analysys Mason Consumer smartphone usage reportThis report profiles the real-world usage of over 1000 smartphone users across France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the USA during August and September 2011. The information collected includes foreground app usage, data traffic (cellular and Wi-Fi), location (home, away and travelling), voice and SMS usage.



This Report provides:

  • Insight into real-world smartphone usage behaviour by handset manufacturer, operating system, country, age and gender.
  • A complete view of what happens on the device, irrespective of connectivity type.
  • An understanding of the relationship between passive on-device measurement and traditional survey methodologies.
  • Real-world smartphone traffic split by Wi-Fi and cellular data.
  • An insight into how data traffic use varies by handset manufacturer, OS, country and age.
  • Details of:
    • how different modes of communication are used by smartphone users throughout the day
    • how text-based communication is evolving on smartphones
    • the real-world impact of WhatsApp Messenger, over-the-top messaging and IM
    • Facebook, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp Messenger smartphone usage, by age
    • the penetration and usage of apps by category, handset manufacturer, OS, country and age
    • real-world browsing usage and the resulting impact on the app market
    • how operating systems and app store strategies affects app consumption by category of apps.