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5G transport network: x-haul architecture is needed to meet future mobile traffic challenges

Roberto Kompany Senior Analyst, Research
Dana Cooperson Research Director

"Mobile operators understand that existing transport networks will not be able to cope with the future growth in traffic and must look to new architectures such as x-haul topologies."

Cloud-RAN will deliver cost reductions and capacity improvements to mobile operators. The right transport network will be critical to cloud-RAN architecture and bares important considerations; mobile network operators (MNOs) must develop a strategy that delivers the right balance between performance and cost across fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul networks.

This report provides:

  • an analysis of the mobile network considerations for mobile operators in order to meet the growing mobile data traffic challenge
  • an analysis of the next-generation x-haul transport network needed by mobile operators
  • a forecast of fronthaul interface technology and fibre technology growth
  • key recommendations for the industry.