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Webinar – Deliver a uniform, personalised buying experience and gain a competitive edge

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Consumers expect a personalised customer experience in which communications service providers (CSPs) act more like retailers than traditional telcos. As a result, CSPs must streamline their sales and marketing tactics to provide a consistent brand and service-focused sales culture.

CSPs have made the transition from voice service and network operators to sophisticated technology companies. They need to meet consumer demands in an increasingly mobile- and service-oriented world. However, working within this new era of commerce is often difficult – especially when integrating channels such as social networks and mobile devices.

Fortunately, CSPs can take advantage of a highly configurable commercial ecommerce platform and adapt it to their local needs.

Playback this webinar to learn how adopting the right solution can:

  • increase traffic by more than one third
  • increase conversions of visitors to customers by 16%
  • increase online orders by more than 50%
  • greatly reduce the cost of processing online orders.

Featuring distinguished presenters from Analysys Mason and Oracle, this webinar reveals cross-channel marketing and sales strategies for providing a uniform, personalised buying experience. It also explains how CSPs can easily adopt sound retail standards.