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The pivotal role of service assurance systems in NFV/SDN environments

Anil Rao Principal Analyst, Research

"CSPs can reduce OSS costs by deploying virtual software IP probes that can extract crucial real-time performance intelligence at the network, subscriber and application levels in IP flows."

This white paper seeks to provide some insight into the capex and opex savings that communications service providers (CSPs) can achieve by implementing next-generation virtual IP probes, which provide multi-dimensional network intelligence in a virtualised IMS deployment scenario.

This white paper:

  • assesses the importance of service assurance systems in network function virtualisation (NFV) environments
  • considers the sustainability of current operational processes in virtualised networks
  • explains how an open common data model with granular network intelligence can increase operational efficiency
  • identifies the potential cost savings that CSPs can achieved by increasing operational efficiency in a virtualised IMS environment
  • looks at how NetScout Systems' ASI technology enables CSPs to achieve some of the objectives of network virtualisation.

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