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How a service operations centre can enable the transition to a customer-centric organisation

Anil Rao Principal Analyst, Research

"The mobile communications services industry is undergoing profound change and there is an urgent need for CSPs to change the way they compete for new customers and retain established ones."

Service operations centre


Network capabilities and performance are vital preconditions for success among communications service providers (CSPs). However, CSPs will need a new competitive differentiator as service-enabling network infrastructure becomes increasingly commoditised. For long-term sustainable growth, they will need to compete on service quality and customer experience.

To execute a customer experience management (CEM) strategy, CSPs must consider implementing service operations centre (SOC), which provides the capability to monitor services in an end-to-end context, enabling CSPs to take actions based on their impact on services and the customer experience.

This white paper discusses the importance and the evolution of the SOC, in the broader context of how CSPs can reduce churn and increase revenue using superior customer experience as the basis for competitive differentiation.

This white paper:

  • summarises key trends that are shaping the mobile services industry
  • identifies issues with the current operational approach, which is centred around a network operations centre (NOC)
  • looks at how an SOC enables CSPs to transform into a customer-centric organisation
  • outlines CEM considerations for CSPs and how an SOC enables the success of CEM
  • examines transformation approaches for CSPs
  • provides an overview of Huawei's SOC solution.


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