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VoLTE and VoWi-Fi: crucial deployment and assurance considerations for operators

Anil Rao Principal Analyst, Research

Voice continues to be a significant source of revenue for mobile operators, and they cannot afford to go wrong with VoLTE.


Increased spectral efficiency and improved voice-domain efficiency are the main business benefits of migrating to voice over LTE (VoLTE). However, operators face challenges such as technology complexity, high deployment costs and the need to enhance the customer experience.

Operators can address these by employing a robust test and validation strategy, and a comprehensive service assurance approach, and by deploying a lightweight IMS solution.

This white paper discusses the key challenges faced by operators in deploying VoLTE services and provides an overview of Polystar Group's solution, which can address some of these challenges.


This whitepaper:

  • assesses the key operator challenges in deploying and launching VoLTE
  • examines the current state of LTE connections and launches, as well as providing a forecast
  • examines the importance of getting the VoLTE service launch right first time
  • underlines the importance of robust pre-launch test and validation, post-launch service assurance strategy and a focus on the customer experience
  • provides an overview of Polystar Group's solution.


Figure: VoLTE challenges [Source: Analysys Mason, 2015]

volte diagram

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