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Beyond the digital façade: critical BSS components needed to deliver a digital customer experience

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

Communications service providers (CSPs) are well placed to take advantage of the shift towards digital economy services by becoming the digital service providers (DSPs) of choice for the consumer.

Beyond the digital facade

Communications service providers (CSPs) are facing unacceptably low growth rates and decreasing margins. To maintain their market share, and even grow, CSPs will need to transform into digital service providers (DSPs), providing traditional and new services in new ways. The transformation from CSP to DSP is not easy, but can be made stepwise if the right DSP operational platform system is chosen as its base. The emerging standard architectural strategy is to put a new DSP platform in place that adds real-time rating, charging, policy and self-care capabilities to the existing BSS/OSS infrastructure. New capabilities can then be leveraged for a particular business segment (postpaid consumers, roaming customers, enterprise-specific operations, or LTE monetisation are typical ones) or support a set of new digital economy services – new service propositions that are only delivered through digital channels.

This white paper briefly discusses what constitutes a digital service provider, examines the transition from CSP to DSP and looks at the inherent strengths of the CSP when adapting itself to the digital economy. It outlines the key role that real-time policy and charging plays in the transition to DSP.

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