Smart energy and cities

In December 2015, the United Nations Climate Change conference, COP21, succeeded in reaching international commitment on accelerating action to combat global warming. These critical plans are founded upon an objective of achieving global zero carbon emissions by the end of this century. As an increasing majority of the world’s population resides within urban environments, global sustainable energy strategies are founded upon driving adoption of low-carbon solutions for the operation of city infrastructure and services. This includes electrification of transport, large-scale adoption of distributed renewable generation, energy storage and real-time demand management.

Analysys Mason’s Smart Energy Practice comprises a dedicated team of specialists focused upon the development and application of telecoms and information management solutions across the energy and city landscapes. The practice draws upon operational experience from across key aspects of the utility telecoms value chain: from software and hardware product development, to investment planning, network/service operation, standards development and regulatory policy.

Our Smart Energy and Smart Cities Practice is led by David Healey. David is acknowledged internationally as an authority on Smart Energy strategies and has played an influential role in this area for over 25 years. In 2014 he was appointed as Expert Industry Advisor to the United Nations, advising on the defining role of smart utility solutions in combating climate change.

Addressing the multiple global challenges of energy security, equity and environmental sustainability is critical in order to achieve the world’s carbon reduction objectives. The capability of an intelligent, fully dynamic and flexible power distribution network is therefore essential to facilitate the urgent adoption of low-carbon energy sources and the realisation of a sustainable energy-based economy.

Analysys Mason’s Smart Energy and Smart Cities team has therefore taken up an advocacy role, to promote an industry focus upon the importance of telecoms and information solutions as a key enabler in realising our global smart energy and smart city ambitions.

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