Enterprise and IoT

The enterprise market presents a large opportunity for telecoms operators to offer traditional telecoms services, but also provides plenty of opportunity for operators to expand into new markets. IoT is just one example of where operators are earning revenue from new product lines.

Analysys Mason's Enterprise and IoT research practice explores the developments in the existing enterprise business, and follows the new areas, such as cloud and security.

All of our Enterprise and IoT research programmes are supported by:

    • a large primary research exercise, with interviews of over 1500 enterprise buyers,
    • detailed, country-by-country and product-by-product revenue and volume forecasts
    • long strategy reports
    • short comments.

Analysys Mason provides comprehensive coverage of the Enterprise and IoT opportunity through five research programmes.

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  • HPE: Universal IoT Platform

    HPE aims to extend its role in IoT beyond networking and server equipment through its Universal IoT Platform. However, the company is more active in promoting its edge infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions than its IoT cloud capabilities. HPE could do more to promote and differentiate its platform.

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  • IoT platform contracts tracker 2Q 2018

    Analysys Mason's IoT platform contracts tracker is updated on a quarterly basis and serves as a benchmark for both operators' and vendors' activities within the IoT platform market space. 

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  • Operators can accelerate the growth in ICT spend by addressing local market constraints

    Adoption rates and spend on ICT services vary widely across Europe. In countries that currently lag behind, such as Germany and Italy, telecoms operators have an opportunity to stimulate and meet demand for these services, thereby gaining a share of this new spend.

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