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Leveraging next-generation and virtual networks

Delivering services in a more mobile, social and connected world requires networks that are more reliable, affordable and intelligent than is possible using traditional approaches.

Nearly $200B in product and service revenue is at stake.
Larry Goldman, Partner at Analysys Mason, talks about digital transformation in the telecom industry at Mobile World Congress 2016
Introducing the first benchmark index to evaluate operators' transition to the telco cloud in terms of technology deployments and related business operations.

A radical shift in networking approaches and architecture is needed to support operators’ changing businesses, but the implementation must be phased to prioritise the most immediate opportunities while limiting risk to ongoing operations.

Analysys Mason's next-generation and virtual networks coverage focuses on three key questions:

  • which of the new tools – including software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualisation (NFV) and policy management – are the most promising?
  • how and when they can  be used most effectively?
  • which players are experiencing implementation success – or failure – and why?

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Forthcoming research and reports include: 

Professional service opportunities in network orchestration and management

This report analyses the different vendors and classes of vendors tapping--or trying to tap-- the multi-billion USD opportunity to help CSPs implement and manage virtual networks and assessed their strategies. 

Open source NFV/SDN network orchestration: the story unfolds

How do vendors make money in this brave new world of open source? What has worked and what hasn't? What factors will lead to a convergence of the alphabet soup of new open source initiatives, including OSM, Open-O/ECOMP/ONAP, OPNFV and their ilk?

Where is the VIM headed?

Is VIM really part of the MANO any more, and if not, what does that mean?

What is an "next-generation NMS"?

What are the NEPs doing to update/upgrade their NMS for a multi-layer, multi-vendor world?

SD-WAN/cloud initiatives ignite a battle in the B2B (enterprise) market

SD-WAN opportunities are reshuffling existing vendor/CSP relationships and the technologies employed to support packet-based business services (e.g., L2/3 VPNs).

Gauging market maturity through the Telco Cloud Index (TCi)

The industry has no benchmark of CSP SCN business and technology maturity. This report explains Analysys Mason's and Nokia’s TCi benchmark, why it is important, and what it tells us about efforts to embrace.

What does the next-generation operational framework (NG-OF) for hybrid network management comprise?

Analysys Mason revisits its earlier analysis of the 'vNGN-OSS', which we've refined and renamed as the 'next-generation operational framework', or NG-OF, to reflect maturing thinking of the evolution of hybrid network operations. What does the NG-OF imply regarding CSP needs and vendor opportunities?

Virtualisation and the economics of distributed content management: making sense of video

Fixed content management and delivery solutions (FCMD) deployments will grow to meet IPTV demand. As a result, the business viability of a virtual content delivery network (vCDN) will need to be tested. In addition, increasing mobile video consumption on LTE networks will drive vCDN and vEPC capacity growth, and will require a business case.

Standardising approaches to VNF onboarding

For NFV to deliver on its promises of increased network agility, automated capacity scale up/scale down, and multi-vendor operation, VNF onboarding must be much easier and more standardised. 

The business need for network slicing

What is 'network slicing' and why has it captured the interest of CSPs, enterprises, and vendors?

Multi-access edge computing: opportunities and threats

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) has extended beyond just the mobile edge to include the fixed edge as well. What are the benefits of MEC, who is actively investigating the technology, and what opportunities does it open for vendors?

SD-WAN/cloud initiatives ignite a battle in the B2B (enterprise) market

SD-WAN opportunities are reshuffling existing vendor/CSP relationships and the technologies employed to support packet-based business services (e.g., L2/3 VPNs). This report will discuss competing technology options, operator strategies for adopting them and likely impacts on the vendor landscape. 


Below: The journey from communication service provider (CSP) to digital service provider (DSP).

Image showing telco operators becoming digital service providers


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