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Leveraging next-generation and virtual networks

Delivering services in a more mobile, social and connected world requires networks that are more reliable, affordable and intelligent than is possible using traditional approaches.

Nearly $200B in product and service revenue is at stake.
Larry Goldman, Partner at Analysys Mason, talks about digital transformation in the telecom industry at Mobile World Congress 2016
Introducing the first benchmark index to evaluate operators' transition to the telco cloud in terms of technology deployments and related business operations.

A radical shift in networking approaches and architecture is needed to support operators’ changing businesses, but the implementation must be phased to prioritise the most immediate opportunities while limiting risk to ongoing operations.

Analysys Mason's next-generation and virtual networks coverage focuses on three key questions:

  • which of the new tools – including software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualisation (NFV) and policy management – are the most promising?
  • how and when they can  be used most effectively?
  • which players are experiencing implementation success – or failure – and why?

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Forthcoming research and reports include: 

SON opportunity analysis: Self-organising networks deployment trends and vendor opportunities

This report provides results from our MNO survey, a SON forecast and recommendations on how vendors can better position their SON solutions as part of MNO's overall automation drive.

Small cells opportunity analysis: HetNet deployment trends and vendor opportunities

This report analyses the drivers, barriers and outlook for small cells in HetNets, both for consumer and enterprise applications, based on our MNO surveys of deployment plans and advises vendors on how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Content moves to the edge: MEC opportunity analysis

This report analyses MEC deployments to date and what vendors and operators should learn from them to improve their businesses.

5G opportunities and challenges update: Industry progress and pitfalls

This report analyzes progress of demonstrations and trials at the use case, CSP, and vendor level, and which organizations are driving the standards work forward. It looks at evolution of the mobile core and RAN that are needed to make 5G a reality.

Open source NFV/SDN network orchestration: the story unfolds

What factors will lead to a convergence of the alphabet soup of new open source initiatives, including OSM, Open-O, ECOMP, OPNFV and their ilk? This report provides actionable advice to vendors.

Assessing NOM market maturity: the journey to the 'gold zone'

This report assesses how far NOM has come in becoming the de facto way to build and operate networks. 

Open SDP APIs are needed for a successful digital economy ecosystem throughcollaborative third-party innovation

What are some of the key opportunities that can be enabled by opening APIs to SDPs? This report provides the answers.

Below: The journey from communication service provider (CSP) to digital service provider (DSP).

Image showing telco operators becoming digital service providers

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