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MulteFire: vendors have an opportunity to accelerate small-cell deployment in unlicensed spectrum

Roberto Kompany Senior Analyst, Research

"Vendors must look to small cells to make up for some of the revenue that they are losing because LTE deployments are coming to an end."

Telecoms software vendors have seen their wireless infrastructure revenue flatten or decrease in recent years as mobile network operators (MNOs) slow the pace of LTE network deployments. MulteFire provides a new approach to deploying small cells for indoor environments using unlicensed or shared spectrum.

This report discusses:

  • MulteFire and the advantages it provides to stakeholders for small-cell deployment
  • the challenges of using unlicensed spectrum and its coexistence with Wi-Fi networks
  • the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) in the USA
  • recommendations for vendors, MNOs and regulators.