Customer Care

Analysys Mason's Customer Care programme helps communication service providers (CSPs) to determine which new customer care software can help them to respond to challenges in the market. We focus on helping vendors to understand the competitive landscape, target investments and how to position their products and services.

It also provides critical qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as advisory research, about technologies that are beginning to prove themselves in the market. This work supports decision makers who are responsible for customer experience in identifying and prioritising support of urgent customer needs and demands in the short term, as well as in minimising investment risks in the long term.

Key Themes

  • Delivering a digital experience: strategies for CSPs' customer care departments that help them to deliver a digital experience to customers.
  • Enabling an omni-channel experience: software strategies to help CSPs deliver a contextual and consistent experience across the customer lifecycle.
  • Provide control to the customer: discuss technological advances, such as automated attendants, that enable customers to self-serve.

Lead analyst

Senior Analyst, Research +44 20 7395 9000