Network Orchestration

Analysys Mason's Network Orchestration programme (formerly 'Infrastructure Solutions') helps customers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the transition of classic network management systems to new network orchestration systems.

This programme addresses the competitive and strategic network management and orchestration challenges presented by the transition from physical to virtual networks. In addition, our research provides critical insight into the prospects for established and emerging network management and orchestration products and related professional services.

Key Themes

  • The strategies of suppliers that provide multi-vendor telecoms software management and orchestration solutions and related professional services
  • The role of network management and orchestration systems in enabling next-generation technologies and services
  • How emerging technologies such as virtualisation affect network management systems' (NMS') requirements and professional service opportunities
  • What steps suppliers are taking to broaden and enhance their solutions and professional service offerings

Lead analyst

Research Director +1 484 868 1871

Telco cloud index

Telco Cloud Index: evaluating operators' transition to the telco cloud

Introducing the first benchmark index to evaluate operators' transition to the telco cloud in terms of technology deployments and related business operations.

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