Recent Research Updates

Analysys Mason is changing its Consumer and Networks research portfolios in order to better support our clients as they respond to changes in the industry.



New to the portfolio is our Video Strategies programme. This work is led by Martin Scott (Principal Analyst) and draws on expertise from our Consulting division’s Media practice.

The new Video Strategies programme will provide strategic insight and support to telecoms operators, broadcasters, vendors and OTT players that address the pay-TV and video markets.

As ever, it will build upon our core competencies of strategic thinking, evidence-based analysis and strong quantitative capabilities.

Key topics being covered in the programme include:

  • sizing the market opportunity for traditional pay TV, IPTV and OTT video and identifying disruptors to value
  • analysis of the evolving value chain for video services; assessing the implications of different funding and payment models for different player types
  • assessment of different player strategies including content ownership/partnerships, service design and device strategies
  • understanding video consumption trends: shifting consumer usage and behaviour across devices; changing attitudes and preferences.

Other changes in Consumer include:

  • Fixed Broadband Services (previously Fixed Broadband and Video) will return its focus to the core fixed broadband consumer proposition. Longstanding datasets such as the fixed broadband quarterly metrics and pricing trackers will continue as key deliverables, as will our Connected Consumer Survey work on fixed customer retention. The fixed broadband forecasts will be expanded to include more detail on FTTx.
  • Future Comms (previously Future Comms and Media) will continue to provide market-leading strategic insight into the future evolution of communication services, both operator-provided and OTT. Additional focus will be applied to analysing growth opportunities in the enterprise sector, such A2P messaging.
  • Convergence Strategies will continue to focus on assessing best practice in fixed–mobile convergence, including service design, pricing and partnerships. The emphasis is on operators’ retail propositions and their impact on performance.

Please note, that if you are currently subscribe to the Fixed Broadband and Video and/or the Future Comms and Media programme, you will receive trial access to the new Video Strategies programme until you renew your subscription.

At renewal stage, your account manager will contact you to discuss the different subscription options for the coming 12 months.



  • Network Investment Strategies replaces the Wireless Networks programme and will cover the techno-economic business cases for large network builds and upgrades with a particular focus on the converging cost base of fixed and mobile networks. The research is targeted at strategic-level decision makers in network operators with an emphasis on the commercial case (profitability, RoI) for investment in technology in real geographical and economic contexts. Among the topics covered are 3.5GHz TD-LTE for mobile and fixed wireless, opportunities for towercos to invest in a 5G environment, long-term TCO of versus GPON upgrades, the additional commercial value of metro fibre and PON fibre in a 5G environment, and the commercial case for 5G and mmWave fixed wireless.
  • Network Traffic replaces the Fixed Networks programme. The Network Traffic programme will take the traffic and bandwidth forecasts from the current Fixed Networks and Wireless Networks. Fixed and mobile traffic do not grow in isolation from one another, and hence we package them as a single product. The programme will be data-rich, and will extend the forecasts into new areas relevant to the coming changes in networks and services, for example bandwidth density (Gbps/km2) for different geotypes, and the impact of new services such as AR/VR.
  • The FTTx coverage and conversion forecasts currently in Fixed Networks will be moved to Fixed Broadband Services. As pre-NGA broadband moves towards obsolescence, the granularity in the current FTTx forecasts moves centre stage.

Existing subscribers to the Fixed Networks and Wireless Networks programmes will be migrated to the new programmes. The subscription options can be reviewed with your account manager at renewal time.



The changes to the portfolio will go live on our website on 2 November 2016.

Contact your account manager to discuss the changes in more detail or email our customer service team for more information.