Digital Transformation North America

Larry Goldman, Partner, Head of Networks and Software Research at Analysys Mason, will be chairing the 'Digital Transformation In Action' day at TM Forum's Digital Transformation North America event, being held in Dallas, TX on 24 September 2018.

About the event

This is a 1 -day conference that kicks off TM Forum Action Week, 24-28 September 2018.

Digital Transformation North America will center on the "how-tos" for the digital transformation journey and provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of what "becoming digital" looks like.

Through practical case studies, panels, expert insights, fireside chats and interactive formats, delegates will be able to learn how operators are preparing for and implementing digital transformation within their companies, how they are building the necessary partnerships and ecosystems for and how they are leveraging the latest technologies in their quest for digital success.

For more information on the event,  visit the TM Forum website.


Larry Goldman, Analysys Mason
Partner, Head of Networks and Software Research +1 630 518 2410