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Analysys Mason Quarterly Jul-Sep 2018

Analysys Mason Jul-Sep 2018Welcome to the third issue of the Analysys Mason Quarterly newsletter for 2018, which features our experts' thought leadership on a range of key topics.

How mobile operators can make a difference to customer experience

This article draws on primary research from across 21 countries to highlight how different factors are perceived by customers. Understanding how and where these factors apply can help operators to better achieve their aims to be customer-centric.

Is the Internet safe harbour in danger?

Today we can write a tweet to the world. Blogs, songs, videos and photos can all be made available to anyone with ease. Online platforms that host all of this third-party content sit between the creator and the audience. It is the role of these platforms that is now under question.

The 700MHz band may largely be used for mobile in Europe by 2020, but 5G everywhere by 2025 is unlikely

Policy makers have been assuming that the 700MHz band will provide the wide area coverage layer for 5G new radio (NR). However, as of today, 5G NR has not gained much traction in low-frequency bands.

Investing in fibreFour different models for next-generation emergency networks using commercial mobile technologies

As broadband data access rapidly becomes a necessity for PPDR users, governments in many countries are faced with the challenge of how to establish emergency communications for the coming decades.

Customer data monetisationCustomer care is the key opportunity to differentiate fixed services for large enterprises

Fixed connectivity for large enterprises is saturated in high-income markets forcing operators to compete on price, reducing value. However, connectivity consists of many elements and operators should focus on where differentiation is possible.

Squaring the ‘mobile licence renewal’ circle: lessons for the Middle East from European trends

The 15- to 20-year mobile operating licences that were issued in the 2000s are now coming up for renewal in many countries in the Middle East. A number of regulators and governments are therefore considering their options regarding the best way to renew licences.