Converged fixed–mobile bundles in emerging markets: opportunities for growth

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As more mobile network operators (MNOs) in emerging markets begin to offer fixed broadband and more fixed broadband players in emerging markets consider adding mobility to their offers, it is becoming increasingly important to consider how to tie fixed and mobile propositions together in retail offers. Operators in emerging markets may be concerned about the risks of revenue cannibalisation from launching fixed–mobile bundles, but such bundles can present opportunities for increasing revenue and subscriber market share.

In this webinar, Stephen Wilson, Principal Analyst will consider: 

  • how the context of fixed–mobile bundles in emerging markets compares with that in developed markets
  • how emerging market operators can best design their fixed–mobile bundles
  • the impact that fixed–mobile bundles have had on the operational and financial KPIs of operators in emerging markets
  • how the launch and availability of fixed–mobile bundles will affect the role of standalone fixed and mobile operators in emerging markets.

Join us for this informative presentation on Thursday, 07 June 2018 at 4:00PM (Singapore time).

The webinar will include a 35-minute presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

Who should attend

Representatives of integrated and standalone fixed and mobile operators in emerging markets.


Stephen Wilson, Analysys Mason
Principal Analyst, Research stephen.wilson@analysysmason.com +65 6493 6038