Maria Tunberg

Maria Tunberg is responsible for the business area regional development and works with projects within organisational and business development. Maria is a PhD economist with great interest in various aspects of sustainable growth. She also has solid practical experience of business as a business developer, founder and investor in a number of start-ups.

Maria specialises in qualitative analyses and has extensive experience of working out both scientific and popular science reports. She is also a van lecturer and workshop leader, and works with coaching and change management. In close dialogue with the organisations to be developed, she drives processes in a structured and motivating way.

The assignments Maria is responsible for including policy documents, impact assessments and business promotion initiatives. She has solid international experience and is used to leading complex projects.

Maria holds a PhD in business administration and is affiliated with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where she defended her thesis on the subject of 'growth in small companies'. In addition to the PhD program, she holds a Master of Business Administration and an MSc in Business Management with a focus on environmental and sustainability issues.