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Tata Communications: SDWAN cloud-centric service delivery propels B2B managed services

14 February 2018 | Research

Dana Cooperson Don Alusha

Case study | PPTX and PDF (11 slides) | Network Automation and Orchestration

"IZO SDWAN builds on the foundation provided by the IZO cloud enablement platform and is a solid entry in Tata Communications' strategy to expand its hybrid WAN service offerings and exploit its worldwide network and data centre assets."

Tata Communications recognised an opportunity to grow its global data connectivity business several years ago by pre-empting the challenges enterprises faced as they tried to embrace and adopt cloud computing. SD-WAN technology gives Tata Communications a new way to offer WAN services efficiently and effectively to its enterprise customers by coupling in-house innovation with a global ecosystem of cloud and communications service providers and vendor partners.

This case study provides:

  • an overview of Tata Communications' introduction of its IZO SDWAN offering
  • an assessment of the key business challenges and drivers for the development
  • an analysis of Tata Communications' IZO SDWAN offering and its key benefits.