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Operators in MENA need to be pragmatic if they want to quickly integrate AI into their core services and beyond

Karim Yaici Senior Analyst, Research

"Most regional operators should prioritise the use of AI in core customer-facing functions, then identify the most promising use cases in which they can apply AI."


Most operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are taking a low-risk approach to their AI strategy, which allows them to continue to assess the role that they wish to play in the AI value chain. They appear to be less inclined to expand the use of AI beyond applications related to customer care.

The more-mature AI roadmaps of global operators can serve as models for regional players when formulating an AI strategy that corresponds to their ambitions. In this comment, we review some of the regional AI initiatives and argue that operators should continue to make progressive and selective investments in AI to improve customer experience and to apply it to areas outside those of the core business.