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ONAP and OSM may be reconciled in 2019

18 March 2019 | Research

Caroline Chappell

Article | PDF (2 pages) | Network Automation and Orchestration

"The industry would breathe a collective sigh of relief if interworking becomes possible between ONAP and OSM, even if they continue to be separate organisations."

The Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) is heading towards the next release of Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) – at the end of May 2019 in Dublin – and there are early signs that it is moving closer to Open Source MANO (OSM). This could result in an integration of the OSM code base with ONAP, so that ONAP users would have access to an ETSI MANO-compliant approach to NFV orchestration, in place of ONAP's current hybrid ETSI/AT&T-proprietary orchestration mechanism. Such an integration could end industry uncertainty about which open-source operations camp to support and help ONAP to acquire key missing ingredients, including a robust information model.

This article explains the implications and benefits to the industry of making OSM the orchestration heart of ONAP.

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