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Amdocs: cloud-native systems

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"Amdocs's extensive access to some of the largest Tier 1 communications service providers, particularly in North America, is a key strength that the company intends to fully leverage in advancing its cloud-native capabilities."

Amdocs is one of the largest providers of software and services for communications and media service providers. Its presence within some of the leading-edge communications service providers (CSPs) enables Amdocs to participate in the design, development and deployment of cloud-native architecture and to support the precarious journey of moving from legacy frameworks to next-generation architecture. This profile focuses on Amdocs’ initiatives in adopting cloud-native architecture within its portfolio of offerings.

This company profile provides:

  • a company summary
  • analysis of the company's strategic direction
  • product summary
  • an overview of significant customers
  • analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.