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5G fixed–wireless: the investment case for operators

Rupert Wood Research Director

“Operators must ensure that any new cell meets a real need for both fixed–wireless and mobile traffic to make a successful commercial case for 5G fixed–wireless access.”

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Some mobile operators (particularly in the USA) are developing pre-standards 5G fixed–wireless services as a more efficient way to enter the home gigabit access and multi-play markets than FTTP. The commercial case will depend on two key factors: the cost of getting high-frequency signals into homes, and the degree of overlap between the optimal locations for the delivery of home broadband and for enhanced mobile services.

This report provides:

  • an explanation of the operation of 5G fixed–wireless access (FWA)
  • an assessment of the technical benefits of 5G FWA compared to 4G, and of the technical challenges that 5G fixed–wireless still faces in different spectrum bands
  • an assessment of the cost of deploying such a system for different types of operators, and how the costs compare to wired systems, including FTTP/GPON and
  • an assessment of the types of operators that could benefit from 5G FWA and to which geographical and economic environments it is most suited
  • a discussion of the degree of dependence of the commercial case for 5G FWA on future mobile services
  • a discussion of the critical factors determining whether operators will invest in the technology
  • case studies of current work by operators.

Three key hoped-for benefits of mmWave FWA

Three key hoped-for benefits of mmWave FWA

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