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Competing network investments: transformation, enhancement and extension

Rupert Wood Research Director

"Without defensible assets, telecoms operators risk getting caught in a cycle of deflation; simply becoming 'more digital' cannot alone be the basis of an investment strategy."

Network operators are struggling with the low growth of their established communications businesses but becoming digital is complicated and has elusive financial payback. Operators need to look at their overall investment goals in light of the need to provide defensible assets. This report helps operators to evaluate four competing investment approaches.

The report answers the following questions.

  • How are the dominant trends in operator investment evolving?
  • What makes most sense as a priority for investment?
  • How urgent is network enhancement, whether that is 5G or FTTP?
  • Should transformative efficiency measures take precedence over physical network development?

Four alternative approaches to investment for telecoms operators

Four alternative approaches to investment for telecoms operators

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