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Market pulse: Digital transformation of BSS/OSS to the cloud and DevOps

23 January 2018 | Research

John Abraham Andy Hansang


“Software is moving to the cloud” is an oft-repeated phrase today.

But just how fast are today’s business support systems (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS) making that move? This white paper characterises that movement. It is based on surveys and in-depth discussions between Analysys Mason and mostly top-tier media and communications service providers (CSPs) in North America, Asia–Pacific and Europe.

Although most top-tier CSPs are using new cloud technologies, we found that only a few are progressing rapidly, mostly due to their legacy software, people and processes.

We expect the few leaders that have emerged will become much more agile and cost effective in their operations, opening a gap between them and their competitors.

Our assessment of BSS/OSS cloud maturity, and how it is likely to evolve over the next 5 years can be seen in the figure below.


BSS and OSS Cloud Maturity

More about the report

Our research indicates that movement to the cloud is best characterised by three major aspects:

  1. Software development and implementation processes
  2. Software technological infrastructure 
  3. Software computing infrastructure

The in-depth survey shows that the need to 'stretch' IT organisations to accommodate both legacy and leading-edge software will strain CSPs’ resources.

CSPs view both systems integrators and software vendors as key partners in making the transition to the cloud, which will require major changes to the IT organisational structure and to the skill sets of personnel.

This white paper provides timescales for mainstream adoption of the various steps in Amdocs’ cloud maturity model, based on in-depth surveys carried out by Analysys Mason.

Click here to view a detailed infographic of the in-depth survey results.