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Enterprise communications: growth opportunities for telecoms operators

28 July 2017 | Research

Tom Rebbeck Terry van Staden

Report | PDF (18 pages) | SME Strategies| Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity| Large Enterprise Emerging Service Opportunities

"All telecoms operators interested in the enterprise market are facing similar challenges"

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Enterprise communications: growth opportunities for telecoms operatorsThis is our first collection of articles on the enterprise communications market. 

Telecoms operators that are interested in the enterprise market are facing similar issues in all countries; they want to defend existing revenue and find new sources of growth. In high-income countries, these issues are particularly pressing because enterprise revenue for most operators declined in 2016. In middle-income countries, operators are under less pressure – enterprise revenue continues to grow – but even here, as markets approach saturation, price competition will intensify and new service revenue will be needed.

Operators have the option of providing enterprises with security, SaaS, IaaS, hosting, IoT and pay TV services, but all will require operators to adopt new ways of working.

This collection of articles will help operators to understand these new services, and provides ideas and suggestions for implementing them.

 The articles include:

  • Singtel outperforms a declining telecoms enterprise market
  • Enterprise telecoms survey: operators must do more to overcome customer dissatisfaction
  • Security-as-a-service solutions
  • KPN analyst day: its focus is on healthcare, government and manufacturing verticals
  • Colt analyst day: Colt focuses on high-quality connectivity services while other operators diversify
  • Operators in Asia with fixed-mobile convergence ambitions should consider the opportunity presented by small and medium enterprise ICT.


Exploring issues and opportunities for telecoms operators looking into the enterprise communication market.

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