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Incumbent fibre deployments in developed markets: case studies and best practice

Stephen Wilson Principal Analyst, Research
Rémy Pascal Senior Analyst, Research
Inigo Barker Analyst

"Incumbent operators across developed markets worldwide have struggled to gain subscriber market share after deploying fibre."

This report analyses the impact of incumbent operators' FTTx deployments in various developed markets. It examines how these players are structuring their fibre retail tariffs and what impact such roll-outs have had on KPIs such as subscriber market share and ARPU. The report also provides recommendations for fibre operators that want to know how to best monetise their deployments.

This report answers the following questions.

  • What rates of subscriber take-up can incumbent operators in developed markets realistically expect from their fibre deployments?
  • How are incumbent operators in developed markets positioning their retail fibre broadband offers in terms of speeds, additional services and price?
  • What kind of impact have incumbent operators’ deployments in developed markets had on operational and financial KPIs such as ARPU and fixed broadband market share?

The following companies are featured in case studies.

  • NTT (Japan)
  • Orange (France)
  • Telefónica (Spain)
  • Telekom Deutschland (Germany)