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Internet of Things (IoT): opportunities for telecoms operators (Vol III)

Tom Rebbeck Research Director, Operator business services and IoT
Janette Stewart Principal, Consulting
Michele Mackenzie Principal Analyst, Research

"With connectivity only representing a small share of the IoT opportunity, for many telecoms operators the focus is on how to play a role in other parts of the value chain"

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Internet of things (IoT) opportunities for telecoms operators (Vol III)Volume III: Our popular series of articles exploring IoT opportunities for telecoms operators follows both our first and second volumes. 

Much recent attention for telecoms operators has understandably focussed on connectivity for IoT.  We discuss how connectivity revenue represents only a small share of the IoT opportunity. Furthermore, relative to the core business, connectivity for IoT is low in value; only 3% of mobile revenues according to our 2025 forecast. As well as discussing connectivity, these articles provide suggestions for how operators can position themselves in other parts of the value chain. 


The articles cover the following topics:

  •  four operator approaches for IoT 
  •  IoT revenue for mobile operators 
  •  enabling IoT applications 
  •  deployment of NB-IoT 
  •  IoT scorecard
  •  IoT for regulators and policy makers.