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IoT Scorecard 2018: evaluating operators’ LPWA strategies

Michele Mackenzie Principal Analyst, Research
Tom Rebbeck Research Director, Operator business services and IoT

"Operators that have deployed LPWA early along with LoRa or LTE-M have ranked higher in the Scorecard because they have been able to learn from their customers and adapt their strategies."

Analysys Mason’s IoT Scorecard 2018: evaluating operators’ LPWA strategies is an evaluation of operators that are active in the LPWA market. The Scorecard considers each operator in terms of how it is performing in matters related to low-power, wide-area (LPWA) networks and determines best practice.

Key areas addressed in this report

In this report, we assess which operators are performing best in the following areas of the LPWA market:

  • strategy and vision
  • networks
  • ecosystems
  • connectivity and GTM
  • value chain
  • vertical markets.

Companies included in this report:

AT&T China Mobile China Telecom
China Unicom Deutsche Telekom KPN
Objenious Orange Tele2
Telefónica Verizon Vodafone

LPWA connectivity differentiators

Sample pages

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