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Go-to-market strategies for mobile video: pricing, technology and regulation

15 September 2017 | Research

Gorkem Yigit Stephen Sale

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (42 pages) | Mobile Services| Video Strategies| Video and Identity Platforms

"A successful mobile video strategy is critical for operators that want to monetise mobile data."

Consumers’ smartphone engagement and data usage takes place primarily on Wi-Fi networks, leaving few opportunities for operators to monetise mobile data. A successful mobile video strategy is critical for operators that want to monetise mobile data; zero-rating can profitably support this effort if the content justifies the subscription fees and quality is managed to contain costs.

In this report, we investigate how mobile video can increase customer engagement if priced in ways that appeal to mass markets; how it can be a source of differentiation if the content allows; and explain how it can help to grow traffic without adversely impacting profitability if delivered in cost-effective ways. Finally, we assess the extent to which operators are limited by net neutrality and legislation when using mobile video as a basis of competition.

This report will help communications service providers (CSPs) and vendors to answer the following questions.

  • What is the current end-user behaviour in relation to video consumption on mobile devices and networks? How can pricing affect demand?
  • What service quality methods are better suited for various mobile video pricing approaches to ensure quality and customer satisfaction?
  • What are the main mobile video optimisation solutions that CSPs can invest in to manage OTT video traffic growth?
  • How do mobile video optimisation solutions evolve with encrypted OTT video traffic and virtualisation?
  • What is the vendor landscape for mobile video optimisation?
  • What are the net neutrality issues that operators need to understand?

Key considerations for introducing new mobile video pricing models for mobile operators

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