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Network automation and orchestration: worldwide market shares 2018

30 August 2019 | Research

Dana Cooperson

Market share report | PPTX and PDF (45 slides); Excel | Network Automation and Orchestration

"The top-three vendors in the USD2.2 billion network control and orchestration market each had a revenue share of more than 10% across network orchestration, VIM and WAN SDN."

This report provides market sizing and share for the USD8.6 billion network automation and orchestration (NAO) market, with particular emphasis on the USD2.2 billion sub-segment of the market (network control and orchestration) that includes network orchestration, VIM and WAN SDN software and services. The report provides analysis of the market leaders’ success and includes vendor snapshots, comprehensive market definitions and a list of significant merger and acquisition activity.

Network automation and orchestration total revenue by vendor, worldwide, 20181

Key developments in the network automation and orchestration market in 2018

  • The NAO market revenue as a whole grew by just over 13% (from our updated 2017 base) due to spending growth in all network control and orchestration (NCO) segments.
  • Vendor A remained in first position in terms of NAO revenue by virtue of its bigger fixed and mobile infrastructure business and related NMS/EMS, but Vendor B shrank the revenue gap and edged closer to Vendor A than in 2017. Vendor F’s sixth-place showing is more a vestige of its infrastructure business than its NFV/SDN strength.
  • The other top-six vendors in the market have been more successful than Huawei and ZTE at moving more of their NAO business into the high-growth NFV/SDN-related segments.


Key questions answered in the network automation and orchestration market share report

What was the overall size of the market (network automation and orchestration software systems for the telecoms industry) and what drove this spending among CSPs?
How did the spending vary across different sub-segments of the network automation and orchestration market?
Who are the major vendors and what is their share of revenue in the network automation and orchestration systems market?
What are the different drivers and growth rates of CSP spending on products, product-related services and professional services?

Network automation and orchestration total revenue by type, worldwide, 2018


Who should read this report

  • Vendor strategy teams that need to understand where revenue growth is slowing and where it is increasing across different network automation and orchestration sub-segments.
  • Product management teams that are responsible for feature functionality and geographical focus, and product marketing teams that are responsible for market-share growth.
  • Market intelligence teams at vendors that want to understand how their competitors compare to each other and themselves.
  • CSPs that are planning digital transformation journeys and want to understand the competitiveness of the incumbent and vendors.

This report provides:

  • detailed market share data for the network automation and orchestration software systems market overall, as well as two sub-segments:
    • Network control and orchestration (NCO), which includes:
      • network orchestrators
      • virtual infrastructure managers (VIM)
      • WAN SDN products
    • Element and network management systems (EMS/NMS)
  • a summary of key developments in the market overall and in each sub-segment
  • an Excel data spreadsheet of revenue and share for the top six vendors in this segment, split by type and by region
  • detailed profiles of 16 vendors in this market, and summaries of other players.



  • ADVA
  • Amdocs
  • Ciena Blue Planet
  • Cisco Systems
  • Ericsson



  • Fujitsu
  • Huawei Technologies
  • IBM
  • Juniper Networks
  • Netcracker


  • Nokia
  • Red Hat
  • Samsung
  • VMware
  • ZTE

1 Note that the shares may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

USD 7999

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