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Retail convergence in emerging Asia–Pacific: case studies, strategies and successes for multi-play

Martin Scott Principal Analyst, Research

"Operators' fibre investments must be supported by a strong price-positioning strategy; tiering services with IPTV works well for many players, but single, double and quadruple plays also have a place."

Fixed infrastructure has historically been secondary in terms of investment to mobile infrastructure in many countries in emerging Asia–Pacific, with investment in 3G and 4G, as well as in handsets and mobile data, historically driving growth. Consumer demand for data is now increasing beyond mobile capabilities and operators are committing to ambitious FTTx plans. The pricing and bundling of the services enabled by FTTx will be a key factor in their potential success.

This report provides a detailed investigation of following three significant approaches to price positioning that operators can adopt.

  • Focus on high-speed simplicity
  • Make triple-play the only high-end option
  • Focus on fixed–mobile bundles.

The report also provides coverage of the multi-play pricing strategies of operators in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand.


This report provides answers to the following questions.

  • How should operators in emerging Asia–Pacific design their retail FTTx offers, and which services can be bundled together to offer a holistic solution?
  • Should FTTx offers focus on providing a fast, high-value standalone broadband offer, or should mobile network operators (MNOs) in EMAP bundle pay-TV and fixed broadband services to promote take-up of both?
  • Under which circumstances do operators need to adapt their approaches to price-positioning, and what are the strengths of each approach? 
  • Which approach is best suited for each market?

A summary of bundling strategies, by operator type

A summary of bundling strategies, by operator type

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