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Telecoms software and services: worldwide market shares 2018

07 October 2019 | Research

Larry Goldman Dana Cooperson Michela Venturelli Gorkem Yigit John Abraham Anil Rao Justin van der Lande

Market share report | PPTX and PDF (123 slides); Excel | Telecoms Software Market Shares

"Nokia became the market share leader of the USD66.1 billion telecoms software and related services market in 2018; its business improved in multiple segments in 2018."

This report provides market share data for communications service provider (CSP) spending on telecoms-specific software systems and related services across different segments. It analyses which vendors led the USD66.1 billion telecoms software and related services market in 2018 overall, and in each of seven segments and their sub-segments. It assesses how the market leaders rose to the top, and which of the more-than-400 vendors in the market are doing best at capturing revenue growth opportunities to improve their share.

Telecoms software and services total revenue by vendor, worldwide, 2018

Key developments in the telecoms software and services market in 2018

  • Telecoms software products account for only a quarter of total spend. The remaining three quarters is for some type of service.
  • CSPs’ increased use of generic IT methods, including open-source software and cloud-delivered technology, put downward pressure on product spending.
  • Two thirds of telecoms software spending goes to niche suppliers with less than 3% market share. There are hundreds of such suppliers: some of them are telecoms specialists (such as Affirmed Networks), while others (such as Amazon Web Services) supply the telecoms vertical as well as many other industries.


Key questions answered in the telecoms software and services market share report

What was the overall size of the telecoms-specific software and services market and what drove this spending among CSPs?
How did the spending vary across seven different market segments and their sub-segments?
Who are the major vendors, what is their share of revenue in the market, and which vendors are growing or shrinking and why?
What are the different drivers and growth rates for CSPs’ spending on products, product-related services and professional services?

Telecoms software and services total revenue by type, worldwide, 2018


Who should read this report

  • Vendor strategy teams that need to understand where growth is slowing and where it is increasing across different market segments and sub-segments.
  • Product management teams that are responsible for feature functionality and geographical focus, and product marketing teams that are responsible for market-share growth.
  • Market intelligence teams at vendors that want to understand how their competitors compare to each other.
  • CSPs that are planning transformation projects and want to ensure that their current vendors are staying up to date.


This report provides:

  • detailed market share data for the telecoms software and services market overall, as well as seven segments:
    • AI and analytics
    • customer engagement
    • automated assurance
    • service design and orchestration
    • monetisation platforms
    • video and identity platforms
    • network automation and orchestration
  • a summary of key developments in the market overall and in each segment
  • an Excel data spreadsheet of revenue and share for the top six vendors in each segment, split by type and by region


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