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The impact of new wholesale FTTH models

14 November 2018 | Research

Rupert Wood

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (27 slides) | Operator Investment Strategies

"Established operators will have to adapt and behave more like their emerging wholesale fibre competitors to thrive."

New wholesale-focused FTTH operators are disrupting the fixed broadband market. They are increasingly well-funded, have no legacy to defend and enter the market with new kinds of access offers. This report analyses the market and indicates how operators could adapt to the new landscape.

The report answers the following questions.

  • How will new players disrupt the existing broadband market structure in Europe?
  • What are the key costs of fibre LLU?
  • What should existing operators do to rise to the challenge?

Possible fragmentation of the fixed broadband value chain

Figure: Possible fragmentation of the fixed broadband value chain

Sample pages

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