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The case for 5G FWA in emerging markets

Rémy Pascal Senior Analyst, Research

"Operators in emerging markets should consider using 5G for fixed-wireless access if new spectrum is available and the cost of CPE diminishes."

Fixed-wireless access (FWA) has not been widely adopted to date because WiMAX and LTE have often failed to deliver on performance. 5G FWA promises better performance and it can potentially help to address a large number of premises in emerging markets, but operators must identify where and under which conditions 5G FWA is an effective alternative to FTTx and/or 4G FWA.

This report provides:

  • recommendations for operators in emerging markets that are considering the deployment of 5G FWA
  • comparison of FTTx, 4G and 5G technologies in the context of emerging markets
  • examples of 5G FWA initiatives in emerging markets.