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Effective monetisation of 5G: the deficiency of existing charging systems will drive CSP spending

22 March 2018 | Research

John Abraham

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (6 slides) | Monetisation Platforms

"As the first 5G deployments draw near, CSPs and vendors are already preparing for monetising an all-new category of services that 5G is expected to enable."

Most communications service providers (CSPs) are currently ill-equipped, from a support infrastructure perspective, to effectively monetise the new opportunities that 5G will enable. This is especially true for CSPs' enterprise-focused businessess, which is where a large number of early 5G business cases are applicable.

This report provides discussion on:

  • the key drivers for the growing focus on CSPs' capabilities to monetise 5G use cases
  • why 5G will drive demand for new types of monetisation systems
  • how 5G deployments will impact CSPs' BSS support infrastructure
  • how different vendors are positioned for the emerging 5G opportunity
  • recommendations to CSPs and vendors regarding the adoption of 5G charging systems.

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