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Effective monetisation of 5G: the deficiency of existing charging systems will drive CSP spending

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"As the first 5G deployments draw near, CSPs and vendors are already preparing for monetising an all-new category of services that 5G is expected to enable."

Most communications service providers (CSPs) are currently ill-equipped, from a support infrastructure perspective, to effectively monetise the new opportunities that 5G will enable. This is especially true for CSPs' enterprise-focused businessess, which is where a large number of early 5G business cases are applicable.

This report provides discussion on:

  • the key drivers for the growing focus on CSPs' capabilities to monetise 5G use cases
  • why 5G will drive demand for new types of monetisation systems
  • how 5G deployments will impact CSPs' BSS support infrastructure
  • how different vendors are positioned for the emerging 5G opportunity
  • recommendations to CSPs and vendors regarding the adoption of 5G charging systems.