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Fragmentation in the 5G spectrum

Roberto Kompany Senior Analyst, Research

"MNOs should no longer be considered as the only users of licensed spectrum; regulators should consider new spectrum policies for 5G and allow other industries to participate in auctions."

A number of new bands will be introduced for 5G services, such as the C-band and mmWave. Stakeholders should ensure that enough spectrum is made available and that fragmentation is reduced so that 5G network deployment costs are minimised.

This report provides:

  • recommendations for spectrum regulators on how to ensure that mobile network operators (MNOs) have access to enough spectrum to allow them to deliver optimal 5G services and network capacity
  • a discussion about the challenges that users of higher spectrum bands (such as C-band and mmWave) face when delivering services
  • a discussion of why other industries should have access to spectrum and suggestions of possible ways in which regulators can facilitate this.