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Digital eXperience Index for customer engagement systems: dynamic offers and omni-channel support

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"Operators' strategies to improve digital experience begin with the transformation of their customer-facing systems and departments."

Improving digital experience for customer engagement systems

Communications service providers (CSPs) are adopting different approaches to transforming their underlying support systems and there are often conflicting views on the different aspects of the digital transformation journey. The Analysys Mason Digital eXperience Index provides an effective means of examining the market by defining the key essentials of digital experience, broken down by individual segments, and tracking the progress of CSPs through a standard framework.

This report provides:

  • an overview of the key characteristics necessary for digital experience from a customer engagement perspective
  • data from our surveys and interviews with CSPs worldwide as part of our ongoing research into the progress of their transformations into digital service providers (DSPs) and an assessment of their key support capabilities
  • a brief overview of our criteria for assessing CSPs' support capabilities as part of the Digital eXperience Index research
  • key implications for CSPs and vendors.