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Digital transformation strategies: emerging and developed market telcos pursue different paths

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"CSPs broadly agree on the need for digitisation, but their approaches vary; CSPs in emerging markets favour large end-to-end transformation, while CSPs in developed market prefer the adjunct systems approach."

Communications service providers (CSPs) are taking different approaches to transforming their architecture in preparation for becoming digital service providers (DSPs). Every CSP journey is unique and often influenced by multiple factors. However, in our analysis of 34 CSPs in developed (mostly Western Europe) and emerging (Asia–Pacific) regions, we found that the approach to digital transformation was divided along regional lines.

This report provides:

  • an overview of the different strategies adopted by CSPs in developed and emerging markets when it comes to digital transformations
  • a summary of the results of a survey of 34 CSPs in developed and emerging regions on how they plan to support digitisation and the key benefits expected
  • a comparison of the two common approaches to transformation – the adjunct approach and the end-to-end approach
  • recommendations for how vendors should embrace the opportunity provided by the different approaches to transformations.