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Hybrid and virtualised networks: CSPs face a paradigm shift in network planning and design

Caroline Chappell Research Director
Stela Bokun Principal and Head of Custom Research, Consulting

“Operators will have to restructure existing network planning and design teams, as they move investments away from network optimisation towards service creation and DevOps.”

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Operators currently incur high costs from overprovisioning physical networks to accommodate traffic growth between upgrade cycles. Their slow, ‘offline’ network planning and optimisation activities prevent them from deploying services fast enough to compete with OTT service providers.

Network virtualisation should enable operators to add capacity 'just-in-time' through the rapid and automated scaling of reusable, software-based networking components, and will thus address these problems.

This report provides:

  • information on how current network planning and design will be impacted by the network function virtualisation (NFV)/software-defined networking (SDN) transformation
  • recommendations for operators on the new types of network planning for which they should prepare
  • recommendations for vendors on new opportunities in network planning and design for hybrid and virtual networks.