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CSP adoption of SaaS-based solutions: an increasing focus on agility and cost is driving acceptance

John Abraham Principal Analyst, Research

"The growing adoption of SaaS within CSPs environs for specific application types is led by an increasing CSP focus on cost and agility."

SaaS-based models are gaining ground within communications service providers (CSPs) for specific application types, driven by the increasing focus on cost and agility. SaaS delivery models, where the licensing fees are spread over a number of years and are based on demand, are often cheaper than traditional on-premises business models. SaaS is frequently applied to new deployments, particularly as CSPs push into digital transformation.

This report provides:

  • an overview of the adoption of SaaS-based models within CSP infrastructure
  • a forecast of the overall CSP spending on SaaS-based telecoms software systems for the years 2017–2021
  • a brief discussion of the key drivers for the growing adoption of SaaS by CSPs
  • recommendations for CSPs and vendors
  • a CSP SaaS forecast for the following segments broken down separately:
    • customer engagement
    • monetisation platforms
    • service sssurance
    • analytics
    • service fulfilment
    • service delivery platforms
    • network orchestration and management
    • software controlled networking.