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Edge computing use cases: the near-term opportunities for fixed and mobile operators

18 July 2019 | Research

Caroline Gabriel Caroline Chappell

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (14 slides) | Next-Generation Wireless Networks

"Operators will quickly lose their initial advantage in edge computing if they do not prioritise use cases effectively."

The combination of edge computing and advanced connectivity appears to offer fixed and mobile operators a significant opportunity for new revenue. Some operators will score short-term gains by prioritising use cases that rely on existing network assets, but real success will come with formulating a medium-term strategy, which gives the operator a pivotal role in wider edge-centric ecosystems.

This report provides:

  • clear recommendations for mobile and fixed operators about how to prepare for, and seize, short- and medium-term edge-enabled opportunities
  • a unique list of almost 100 use cases, which we have considered for their importance to an operator edge business model
  • identification of the 10 most-promising short-term use cases for operators, and among these, an indication of which will support expansion of revenue in the medium term through enhanced network and platform enablers
  • recommendations about the different options for operators in the edge services value chains.