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Enterprise survey 2017: enterprise interest in, and adoption of, IoT

05 July 2017 | Research

Tom Rebbeck Terry van Staden

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (13 slides) | IoT and M2M Services

"There are more companies that do not know what IoT is than there are companies that have an operational solution."

Analysys Mason interviewed over 1600 enterprises worldwide in February 2017 about their usage, providers and satisfaction levels of various telecoms products, including IoT. This report highlights the key findings relating to the use of, and interest in, IoT solutions across all enterprises.

This survey shows that only a small minority of enterprises have adopted IoT solutions. Indeed, there are more companies that do not know what IoT is than those that have an operational solution. Effort will be required by IoT solutions providers to simplify these solutions and make their benefits more-widely understood.

This report provides:

  • data on the interest in and use of IoT among enterprises
  • an analysis of the adoption and development of IoT by region
  • information on the relationship between satisfaction levels and selling new services
  • recommendations for operators on how to capitalise on the IoT opportunity.

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