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GDPR: customer consent provides operators with an opportunity for data monetisation

29 January 2019 | Research

Justin van der Lande

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (7 slides) | AI and Analytics

"CSPs should view GDPR as an opportunity for the external monetisation of customer data, not a barrier to it."

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced on 25 May 2018. Since then, many operators have delayed external data monetisation over fears that the regulation would make it difficult to implement, or that they would be exposed to additional unwanted regulatory risks. Analysys Mason views GDPR as an opportunity for operators to be able to monetise customer data with clarity and certainty, provided that the correct processes and tools are used.

This report:

  • provides recommendations for communications service providers (CSPs) and vendors about how to get the most from the implementation of GDPR, not just in terms of fulfilling the regulations but also in terms of taking advantage of the new clarity that it provides
  • looks at why GDPR is affecting countries outside the EU
  • provides information about the increasing regulations regarding customer data and the rights that individuals have
  • suggests that CSPs must change their strategies to ensure that money spent on conforming to GDPR can be recouped through external monetisation.

USD 1499

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