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The e-sports opportunity for operators: a three-step guide

14 July 2017 | Research

Giulio Sinibaldi

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (11 slides) | Mobile Services| Video, Gaming and Entertainment

"E-sports are becoming increasingly popular, but most operators are not yet taking advantage of developments in this market."

E-sports, encompassing a range of online competitive video games, are attracting increasingly large audiences and funding, and this has resulted in their gradual entry into mainstream entertainment.

In this report, we investigate operators’ e-sports activities and we consider how these approaches align with a forward-looking strategy. Operators can benefit from brand exposure to a young, tech-savvy customer segment, while enriching their TV content proposition, and can potentially generate new revenue streams through partnerships with advertisers and publishers.

This report provides:

  • an analysis of the characteristics and audience demographics for e-sports, including mobile handset usage
  • a discussion of the benefits to operators of engaging in the e-sports space
  • a three-step strategy for operators that want to successfully broaden their presence in this market
  • examples of operator activities, including sponsorship, broadcasting, and investment in e-sports
  • an overview of the potential ways to monetise e-sports engagement on mobile networks.

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