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NFV-enabled IoT networks: opportunities and threats for operators

Caroline Chappell Research Director
Michele Mackenzie Principal Analyst, Research

"Operators need to evaluate the implications of the emergence of new entrants with LPWA networks based on NFV/SDN and how that will impact their own ambitions in IoT."

This report evaluates the rise of new entrants that deploy network functions virtualisation (NFV)-based network management solutions for IoT and the implications for operators with ambitions in the IoT market.

This report provides:

  • an assessment of the impact of NFV/software-defined networking (SDN) on the emerging LPWA network market and the implications for mobile network operators with ambitions in IoT
  • an overview of the options available to operators to either partner with the new entrants to accelerate their virtualisation capabilities and their IoT business, or accelerate their virtualisation strategy for IoT
  • a description of LPWA technologies and how they are being virtualised (a glossary slide defines the different types of LPWA networks and their target use cases)
  • a summary of key operators’ LPWA network plans and the drivers for applying NFV/SDN.

This is a unique snapshot of the power of virtualisation to shape a market with potentially disruptive consequences for established players that have not yet mastered it.

Please see the related report NFV-enabled IoT networks: opportunities and threats for vendors for a vendor-centric view of this topic.