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Real-time policy management: mobile broadband and new technology will drive CSPs’ revenue growth

07 February 2017 | Research

John Abraham

Strategy report | PPTX and PDF (16 slides) | Monetisation Platforms

"Policy management systems are attracting stronger investment than from communications service providers that are keen to ensure the effective monetisation of their services."

In just over a decade, communications service providers' (CSPs') revenue model has shifted from one dominated by voice and messaging services to one that is predominantly reliant on data services. As CSPs transform to become digital service providers (DSPs), it is essential that they do not simply offer new types of services, but also build a robust underlying infrastructure that is capable of supporting the real-time, online nature of digital transactions.

This report provides:

  • an overview of the key drivers of the real-time policy management market
  • a brief analysis of how leading vendors in the policy management space have evolved over the years
  • a short discussion of the relevance of policy management functions within the DSP monetisation framework
  • recommendations for CSPs and vendors.

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